Interview Process

Before the Interview

Remember before you meet the interviewer you have already created a impression. A first impression is very important. You have made contact with the employer by filling out an application, writing a letter of interest, or calling on the phone.

Getting the Interview 
  • Arrive ten minutes early for an interview
  • Go alone
  • Do not take your mom or a friend with you
  • When you arrive, slip into the rest room and see how good you look
  • Pay attention to detail
  • Greet the receptionist with a smile
  • Give your name and state why you are there.
  • “Hello, I’m _____________________ I have a ______ o’clock appointment for an interview with Mrs./Mr. ____________________”
The Interview 
  • Know what sort of job you want
  • Know what skills re required for the job
  • Have a firm handshake and make eye contact
  • Listen carefully to the interviewers questions
  • Speak about your skills
  • Be positive not negative
  • Be friendly and cheerful
  • Thank the interviewer for seeing you
After the interview 
  • Take time to evaluate your interview
  • Did you answer all the questions
  • Were there some questions that you could have answered better
  • Write the interviewer a thank you letter

Tell Me About Yourself 

Remember when an interviewer says, “Tell me about yourself”, he really means, “Tell me why I should hire you for the job”.

  • Where was I born and where did I travel?
  • Where did I get my training or experience?
  • Why did I like these experiences or training
  • What are some of my best attitudes and work habits?
  • What are good examples of these attitudes and work habits?
  • What are my short and long term goals that would make me a good worker?
  • What are examples of my ability to be trained?
  • Why do I like living in this community?
  • What are some good hobbies that would show that I am in good health?
  • What are some examples of my being responsible and reliable?
For Example:

Victor Nauta is applying for a job as a mechanic’s helper

INTERVIEWER: Tell me about yourself Victor?

VICTOR: Well, I grew up in the Orange County area and have enjoyed living there ever since. I go the Valley High School and I am looking forward to graduating in June. I have always enjoyed driving cars and working on them. In high school I took al the auto shop courses I could. I do most of the tune-up work on my own car, and I keep some of my friend’s cars going too. I’ve been driving since I was 16. I’ve never had an accident. I like to read about cars in magazines. While I was in school I worked for two summers as a parking garage attendant. I learned a lot about how to get along with the customers and with our attendants.

Work Experience

Work experience refers to specific work you have done in the past. It is important during an interview to let the interviewer know what work experience you have. Try to remember all the duties you performed on your last job. Also let the interviewer know the skills you learned.

There are three kinds of work experience: paid, unpaid (volunteer), and on the job training. It is important that you define these carefully to the interviewer.

Limited Work History

If you have no prior work experience, make your education part of your work history. Remember you can also use baby-sitting, yard work, fund raising for school, working with parent/relative/friend as part of your work experience.

Questions to ask the Interviewer 

Most interviewers will ask you if you have any questions to ask. This is your chance to ask questions about things that were not talked about during the interview.

When Should you ask your Question? 

Ask them when there is a pause in the conversation, or when the interviewer asks if you have any questions.

What kinds of questions should you ask?

  • What would my job duties be if hired?
  • Is there a dress code?
  • Are there any opportunities for training?
  • What would the hours be?
  • Are there any special duties in this job?
  • What is the most important part of this job?
  • Are there chances for advancement within the company?