We provide the following services:

  • Career Counselling for individuals – students, adults in transition etc.
  • Upgrading of guidance counsellors/career counsellors through workshops and seminars where counsellors are exposed to competencies in areas such as career decision-making, employability skills and programme planning.
  • Research and evaluation of labour market data, labour laws and industrial relations, occupational characteristics, training opportunities, job ladders and lattices, and other data necessary to provide information.
  • Development and production of career information packages on themes such as employment, interviewing and decision-making
  • Maintaining an effective communication network between clients, data sources and the department.
  • Co-ordinating/participating in parenting seminars, career fairs and community efforts for the delivery/dissemination of career information;
  • Administering and interpreting aptitude/interest test.
  • Providing assistance in the development and establishment of career resource centres and students’ portfolio(individual career plan).
  • Professional Development Seminars/workshops
  • Career Talks